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Stealthing, trauma and menstrual blood: Why everyone needs to watch I May Destroy You

 CW: sexual assault, rape, trauma. There are so many TV shows with hour-long episodes and

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Just because I’m not doing a ‘traditional course’, doesn’t mean my degree is worthless

  Is every Fine Arts student unemployable? Is everything a History student studies completely irrelevant?

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Hey celebs! Stop thinking you’re exempt from lockdown rules because you’re rich

 Rita Ora has recently issued a public apology after her 30th birthday gathering made front

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These are the unis with the most confirmed coronavirus cases this term

  By now, most students have spent their at least two weeks cooped up, self-isolating

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Start or Stop!? Should I sell Clothing on Depop?

Picture this: you really need a new pair of jeans. You can’t spend a lot