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GLO Science’s goal is to make you smile. Used and recommended by dental professionals, GLO puts cutting-edge whitening technology in your hands at home or on the go. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth by five shades in as little as five days with little to no sensitivity. Fast, fun, and easy-to-use, this set comes with all the essentials for a more confident smile.

Marvis’ gift set contains seven of the brand’s mouth-tingling toothpastes. The flavors range from Classic Mint and Cinnamon to herbal Jasmine and fennel Licorice. The tubes are neatly and individually packaged, so you can have a glistening smile on-the-go. Leave one in your purse, the car, over-night bag, or the office.

Marvis’ set of three black toothbrushes is ideal for everyday or travel. Each one has tonal bristles and silver designer lettering for a stylish finish. Use with your favorite toothpaste from the cult Italian label to achieve a healthy, brighter smile.

Maintain a sparkling white smile with Apa Beauty’s ‘Tooth Gloss’. Infused with light-reflecting pigments that brighten, this antioxidant-rich product is formulated with Green Tea Extract, Safflower Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil to fight bacteria and nourish your teeth and gums.

The ISSA mini is the world’s first electric tooth brush, especially designed for kids – or the kid in you. Featuring Smile helpers, Glee and Glum, who motivate you to complete a full brushing routine by showing if you have brushed for two full minutes. The ultra-hygienic, soft silicone bristles are gentle on tooth enamel and gums while the sleek ergonomic design offers 3-D flexibility, reaching every crevice in the mouth. Easy to clean and sterilize, the ISSA mini is quick drying, non-porous and resists bacteria buildup, making it far more hygienic than nylon bristled toothbrushes. The ISSA mini has a smaller brush head, 1 speed and comes in 4 fun colors. Extra gentle on sensitive teeth and gums, the smaller-sized ISSA mini has all the benefits of the ISSA, with the addition of parental controls to make brushing easy and fun for a healthier mouth and a pearly white smile.

Brighten your smile while improving overall dental hygiene with the Professional Whitening System from Supersmile. It’s the perfect bleaching solution for everyone interested in safely and gently whitening teeth at home without messy trays—just brush and whiten.

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