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From the Arabian Nights Collection, Oud is an extremely

rare and precious oil found in Agarwood, the resinous

heartwood of the Aquilaria tree from southeast Asia.

The oil itself is dark in coloration and has a complex scent,

being warm and woody, yet strongly animalistic at the same time.

Incense, mystic perfume whose smoke was said to be one of the

links between mortals and Gods, is combined with oud, giving

birth to a fragrance that is mysterious and warm, yet stunningly modern. 



The most beautifully civic-minded unisex fragrance ever devised.

Notes of sparkling, energizing grapefruit and blackcurrant are

balanced by the sheer loveliness of lily of the valley, and mellow

base notes of cedar wood and musk. Eau de Parfum.



EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. A rose is a rose is a rose, 

unless it’s the thoroughly modern Bond No. 9 petal-pink rose.

Notes of lantana leaves, dry dates, mace, orange rose, tuberose,

orris, amber, musk and sandalwood.




Full-on Rose of May. ROSE HUBRIS, a hedonistic tribute

to the iconic raw material of Haute Perfumery: Rose of May.

The fragrance’s composition highlights all the facets of this

unique ingredient: a sumptuous floral heart of rose magnified

by the freshness of green leaves and the sparkle of fruity, citrus

and spicy notes. At the cutting edge of creation, for an exhilarating

and utterly contemporary result. Created by Olivier Pescheux.




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person crossing on pedestrian lane

Irresistible and unforgettable, this rich and complex fragrance

of offers the sweet and sparkling notes of bergamot, mandarin,

jasmine and tuberose and finishes with the warm scents of musk

and sandalwood.

The fastest route to the Hamptons is a whiff of Bond No. 9’s

latest fragrance. A unisex weekend scent, designed to be long-lasting.

Its fresh notes of lime blossom and bergamot are combined with magnolia,

white jasmine, with a touch of amber and sandalwood.

The transparent ocean blue super-star shaped bottle is topped with a crisp nautical white cap.

The inspiration for Velvet Vetiver is the scent of the Mediterranean Summer.




“Vetiver: a tantalizing scent replete with elegance and classic perfection.

I wore it as a boy to feel as an adult.”- Domenico Dolce. Velvet Vetiver

has a classic, sumptuous cologne effect of vetiver and galbanum blended

with a contemporary pique of Mediterranean fig. The bottle is displayed

in a precious black velvet box bearing an engraved golden plate and silky

inner fabric. Also ideal as a gift.

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