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The newest mini version of Fuji’s super stylish Instax Instant Camera.

Features simple exposure adjustment and automatic flash.

Easy portability with a pop-out + collapsible lens.

Camera strap and instruction manual included.

Super high photo quality + automatic film feed. 1-year limited warranty;

built-in lens cover.






When Polaroid ended production of instant film in 2008,

the Impossible Project acquired all the production equipment

from the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands in an attempt

to keep instant film photography alive! Now that they’ve got

Polaroid film back in production, Impossible has refurbished

this vintage Polaroid 600 Cool Cam camera in a UO-exclusive

orange + blue colorblock shell! Produces instant photos on Impossible

Polaroid film with the push of one button! 





The Lomo’Instant is the perfectly sized Instant Camera

to take with you on the go. This slim instant camera pairs with

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film for instant + awesome pics.

Complete with three changeable lenses for versatile shots

– Fisheye, Portrait + Closeup 42mm x 64mm exposure area.


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This vintage-style clock features a silent clock motor as

well as contrast hour and minute hands. Expertly made from

eco-friendly bamboo and treated with natural food-grade wood

oil, it sports a vegetable leather strap with chrome D-rings

to suspend it from the wall.


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