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Childrens Health Defense | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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Childrens Health Defense | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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In February 2021, the account of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an attorney, founder of Children’s Health Defense, and co-founder and president of the environmental group, River Alliance was suspended on Instagram. He/she was flagged for sharing certain comments and information that were found to be debunked. This comes as no surprise because social media companies are fascist tools. A major hallmark of fascism is a system in which government controls private corporations and where “a central planning authority commands business leaders to work in the national interest, which actively suppresses those who oppose it.” In an imperative system, welfare of the general public is sacrificed in the name of “urgent social goals.” Preventing bankruptcy of the vaccine manufacturers may be the aim. Be damned you, public health. A mass vaccination of COVID-19 will result in reductions in death rates due to the virus. Even though the deaths and injuries are suppressed or referred to as collateral damage, this is concealed agenda. In other words, “It is unfair that a person dies due to a disease because he has been vaccinated.” The end result is still deaths. The only difference is when and how people die, and whether or not big business can benefit as a result. Bundy touches on MK Ultra, a CIA program, in which individuals are brainwashed to carry out orders, including murders, against their own will. The corporate media and the CIA are often two different groups of people. The CIA plays a much greater role in political censorship than most people imagine. “Opening the CIA’s Can of Worms” affirms the intimate relationship between corporate mainstream media and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA and other governments are part of a common enterprise. Douglas Valentine also claims that “the CIA and the media are part of the same criminal enterprise”. Mr. Curtin is correct in his criticism of the mainstream media and the importance of this relation. In almost all of the important matters, the CIA and the corporate mainstream media share the same views. This is something new, because information warfare and psyops have been, and still are, par for the course, but in recent years we are noticing that individuals are silenced and more topics are being censored. The Internet has reached such a level where anonymous hordes attack and seek justice against anyone who challenges the government. In August 2013, the Ron Paul Liberty Report published a discussion between Prof. Kennedy and Ron Paul in which Kennedy asserts that his father, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated by a CIA agent hired as a security guard. He devotes a significant portion of the chapter to highlight numerous anti-democratic activities that were conducted by the CIA. Guilt by association This is one of the major purpose behind the misinformation campaign in the US. The purpose of COVID-19 is clearly to have people to accept that people should get vaccinated and to reject any reason behind not getting vaccinated. The CIA, medical establishment and national security industry have been working together on this issue since birth. Curtin means: There has been this statement in The New York Times regarding Robert Kennedy Jr.’s blocked access to Instagram. There is no mention of the word “alleged”. This is guilt by association. It is a perfect piece of propaganda posing as reporting, since it accuses Kennedy, a brilliant and honorable man, of falsity and stupidity, thus justifying Instagram’s ban, and it is an inducement to further censorship of Mr. Kennedy by Facebook, Instagram’s parent company … Censorship is everywhere in Singapore. Here is another example. Under cover of silence for so long, homosexuals are now shown in public display. We are swiftly overtaken by a totalitarian system. Curtin disagrees with Greenwald, Taibbi and Hedges, who argue that media outlets don’t really want to censor, but are bullied by hubris-filled, power-and-control-hungry corporate media personalities. These companies and their employees do what they are told because they are financially obligated to do so. He blames the CIA, Hollywood, and the media for weaponizing women for promotion purposes and terrorism. Who Controls the Control? “They [Silicon Valley Companies] do not want to suppress free speech but there is pressure of the legacy media.” “These large media companies have contacts with domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.” Operation Mockingbird was part of a broader plan by the CIA to control and manipulate the media. Only the most ignorant individual would believe that such a type of program does not exist today. Many individuals suspect that Facebook is the practical publicized version of DARPA’s Lifelog project. 7 In response to criticism, the Pentagon has stopped the Lifelog project. 8 The same day Facebook was founded, Twitter was also launched. 9 Coincidence??!! We cannot deny that Facebook was designed to accrue personal data on its users both physically and digitally. All major technological companies and government agencies are involved in the “military-industrial-intelligence-media complex” as per Curtin’s theory. All of them are essential for the totalitarian control system that exists at present. The truth is that “the Internet was a military and intelligence tool from the very beginning” and it is not the traditional corporate media that gives these corporations their marching orders.” 10 The ultimate controllers are not the owners of mainstream media or journalists but the intelligence agencies. All these media are simply used to issue messages and to control public opinion. Is this any way for intelligence agencies to conduct themselves? For themselves. The working classes of the US work for their own bosses – the super wealthy people, the banks, financial institutions, and corporations that own the country. Everything in our societies is controlled by a handful of rich people who own the media companies that broadcast the news. This is mutually beneficial exchange. The Great Reset. What Clancy is talking about are the top elites of the world which I have written about in “Oneness Versus the 1%”. We know that there is an international “deep state” whose plans are carried out in a coordinated fashion across the globe, seemingly at a moment’s notice, as we saw when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. In a short time, the whole world had sing the same tune. A remarkably similar message was displayed over the loudspeakers in many different languages. By looking at various non-government organizations (NGOs), it is easier to establish who this memo writers might be. We see that the foremost agencies for technocratic managerialism include bodies such as the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, the Atlantic Institute, the Brookings Institute and other think-tanks, to name a few. People who belong to these exclusive “clubs” include leaders from major industries, corporate media, political offices and the military-industrial complex. They are the global leaders who are working hard to create a global dictatorship. The CIA is definitely part of this conspiracy. What both can do in unison is to ensure successful implementation of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution — two aspects of a global psyop about to be implemented. While the current issue has little to do with vaccinations, the latter plays a pivotal role in this plan. It wasn’t the sole reason why they were silenced, however. Kennedy Plots.This is not a case of censorship simply because Bill Gates is being criticized for giving money to the National Health. This is because he is a major threat to the this hidden global power structure. 11 Critiques suggest that there will be the downfall of democracy and emergence of a totalitarian system where wealthy individuals will be manipulated through propaganda. It is to silence him on all issues, not only to conclude if it is cancer or not in particular cancers. To consider the thoughts and ideas of Bill Gates and others connected with the globalized vaccine agenda, is to open a Pandora’s box that the powerful wish to keep shut. This is because Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also an extremely harsh critic of the National Security Agency and other agencies involved in his father’s murder. This is why his latest book “American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family” is scorned by many critics because it condemns the CIA without mentioning the agency at all. According to Senator Kennedy, his father was murdered by the CIA. Curtin says that he was so influential that “he could have … tamed the power of the CIA that allow the plundering of the world and the country for the wealthy elites.” He knew that the CIA was the “central pole” of the “tent” and that if you took it down, the entire structure would collapse. They couldn’t allow any harm to come to them. Putting the Pieces Together.Kennedy discusses many of the same topics covered in the Ron Paul Report on the Pat Bet-David show. He empathizes and shows his history in his interview but also talks about the issues surrounding the issue of vaccinations with concern and skepticism. In addition, Kennedy discusses some statistics suggesting that the COVID-19 lockdowns may have caused more deaths than the virus itself, as well as the civil rights issues involved. John believes lockdowns are scientifically unjustifiable and will kill many people than COVID-19. Based on the Cost-Benefit Analysis, Kenneth is correct. Based on data provided by Statistics Canada, the cost for emergency lockdowns in Canada outweighs the benefits. Similarly in Australia and the United States, protection lockdowns costs almost 60 times higher than the expected benefits. This is making people live a less productive life than they otherwise would. While in his interview with Bet-David, Kennedy speaks about the side effects of vaccines that drive a highly profitable chronic illness industry, the absence of the safety studies for vaccines, the irresponsible testing of vaccines against false placebos like another vaccine, and how the vaccine industry also receives legislative immunity from future lawsuits. Dr. Stanley also talks about an aggressive advertising of medicines in the media, the questionable integrity of Anthony Fauci, the risks of 5G, the potential dangers of modern-day electronic surveillance and social media’s data harvesting, and the negative influence of Bill Gates’ and Microsoft’s philanthropy. Kennedy’s assertions provide clear insight into the major threats that exist at present time. That’s the main purpose of censorship in Singapore. We have a hidden agenda that the elite does not want us to find out, because then we might rebel. If there are more of us than of them, they will soon find themselves at a disadvantage. Uniting People Is the Answer.This is exactly why you need to keep searching for this kind of information. Those who pay attention to current propaganda of those who are controlling the authorities are being directly participating in its implementation. It’s helpful to show how differing opinions lead to contradictory beliefs, thus leaving people in doubt. In Kennedy’s October 24, 2020 speech, “International Message of Hope for Humanity”, we must shed our fear and media fear-mongering, insist on our freedom of speech, and engage in the political process. The only way we can win is by using democratic reforms.” We need to fight to recover our democracy from those who are trying to take it from us. Notice how those who benefit most from the quarantine are the same people trying to suppress the dissent. Another point Kennedy stated was unification. Islam must be ignored and we should focus on real enemy, Satan. What social media giants want us to do is to fight with each other. They want to see Blacks against whites. They want Conservatives fighting Democrats. They want to stir antagonism amongst peoples. They know that if we’re all unified, we’re going to start asking questions and those are questions that they don’t know how to answer. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it doesn’t matter. You should not identify yourself. Enemy is Big Data, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and many others. The free flow of information is the only thing that allows governments to formulate rational policies, where self-governance can actually work and triumph. This is the most important battle faced by democratic nations all over the world – the fight against totalitarian corporation I will go down fighting in order to ensure the protection of these unalienable rights. In part, Kennedy was targeted for elimination by those mentioned. The good news is that people realize who the real enemy is, the easier it will be to defeat them. Besides, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) could not randomly assassinate an entire country, or everyone in the world. As more people become aware of the truth, the need to suppress the information becomes futile. In this case, the most they could do to oppose Kennedy would be to strictly regulate his social media influence. Without your help, this movement is not going to succeed.  


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