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Does mixing drinks get you drunk quicker?
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Does mixing drinks get you drunk quicker?

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If you want to get drunk as quickly as possible, you mix your intoxication with alcohol. Whether you are late to the party or have spotted your ex at the other end of the bar, mixing drinks with a lot of different spirits is thought to be the quickest way to get drunk. At the same time, how effective is mixing drinks to get you truly drunk? Is it true that mixing your drinks actually gets you drunk faster? A myth that the UK National Health Service says does not have any validity to it, despite what some people think. To measure how drunk you are, your blood alcohol content determines how drunk you are and how long you stay that way. But it doesn’t have any effect on making you feel sick, it just makes you feel sicker. When you first drink, your blood alcohol will peak at about 45-90 minutes to the hour after you begin drinking. When you get drunk, your body’s ability to metabolize the alcohol is constantly challenged by your liver. The only real gain from mixing drinks is the fact that the hangover is worse. Oh no, they’ve been mixing their drinks. What do you suggest I drink to get drunk faster?! Taking into account the effect of alcohol dependant on who you are, what you do, and so on. It is true that you should eat before drinking to line your stomach. (this is hearsay) As soon as you eat food the alcohol is metabolized and cannot seep from the stomach to the bloodstream as fast. Since the blood is not already being flooded with alcohol, you don’t get drunk as fast. We have seen that when consumed by gasses (like in a carbonated beverage), fizzy alcoholic beverages make you feel drunk faster by increasing the pressure in your stomach that forces the alcohol to the bloodstream faster. Regarding champagne, it has been reported that there are up to 250 million bubbles in your glass. So if you fill your glass to the top, you’ll likely be drunk. If you don’t want to get drunk quickly, eat a meal before drinking. If you’re a broke college student and don’t have twenty dollars to spare on every water bottle that passed by overpriced bar, then you don’t have to worry, as vodka and coke mix is a cheap and efficient alternative to mix beer with your favorite drink. There is only a low sugar content in vodka and soda water which means that you will retain more of your blood sugar as soon as you drink vodka and cola. Interactions between alcohol and drugs can make it easier for you to get drunk quickly. So if you are going to be mixing your cocktail at home, stick with what is in your fridge at home rather than what you have been buying at the store. This can help you as well: •The science behind the tactical chunder: Does it actually work?. •Why do I get so drunk when I drink tequila?. All the myths of tequila have been answered, as we tested Lidl’s “hangover free prosecco” and discover it’s a miracle.

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